Vacation Village Yacht Charter (VVYC) exists to provide unique holiday experiences through yachts and combination of hospitality and wellness services that are core business to Vacation Village Group since 1987.

We partner with experienced yacht operators, owners and captains who brought in their years of passion in sailing to provide professional and high standard services.

With a fleet of different vessels of varying in size, style, speed and purpose, you are free to explore a wide range of activities and destination to fulfill your holiday with unlimited pleasure. VVYC has the most diversified yacht fleet available for charter in Krabi ranging form Long tail Services to Superyacht.


Vacation Village was founded for 2 years but this is the first year with s fleet. It was setup by the boating passion from Bunthorn Saowan, a Sydney graduate Thai with energetic demand for anything that floats and Parin Poolphokphol, an Italian designer graduates owner of Vacation Village with demand for yacht and floating hotel.



VVYC is one of the fastest growing yacht start up in Krabi is promised to deliver the diversification in yacht chartering business ranging from luxury speedboat, schooner, ketch, sailing monhull, catamaran and even long tail services.

Go fast go alone, Go far go together